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Ju Jitsu Wausau

The word “Karate” has become a “catch phrase word”  for other arts, even though they do nothing  karate like, in their art.  For example, Ju Jitsu will advertise under the name of Karate regardless that it is very different martial art. 

Ju Jitsu or Jui Jitsu is taught as a grappling art, where you are wrestling on the ground using leverage techniques to cause your opponent to submit.  With Karate, you employ mostly strikes and kicks.  With Karate, grappling is not allowed.   I have trained in many Karate schools where grappling is frowned upon.  However, I believe you should have a ground game under your belt, when you train. 

So, why are these styles getting muddled up so much and how do you figure out what you want to do?  The styles are getting mixed because everybody in our culture wants to know everything.  We want the best of both worlds, Karate and Jui Jitsu.  Hence, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) comes to the rescue.

Now, what is this MMA deal?  Is it where you have to get in a cage and kick the crud out of another opponent.  Not really and maybe.  Mixed Martial Arts are where you combine one or more martial arts together and train to become more well rounded.  The evolution of the term MMA and television have recently coined the term MMA, to mean “cage fighting”.  They are guys that like to put their skills to the test in a steel cage doing mixed Martial Arts techniques. 

You don’t have to be in a cage to learn Mixed Martial Arts.   Bruce Lee was one of the first people to teach us that and the evolution since that time has been unique.  Some people would compare it to the gladiators in Rome but with rules.  Others feel that practitioners lack the discipline and moral character to be called martial artists.  They feel they are only fighters and lack self control. 

I really don’t feel they are undisciplined in their training.  In fact, they are highly disciplined in practice and conditioning.    I usually see a lack of self control displayed, demonstrating  poor sportsmanship, cocky attitudes instead of humility and the list goes on.  Therefore, they seem to be good fighters but lack the morals behind good Martial Arts training (courtesy, integrity, self control, self control, modesty).  That is not all MMA guys, just many of them.

Wausau Halloween Party/Haunted House

Premier Martial Arts 920 Grand Ave. Schofield, held our 20Th annual haunted house, Halloween party on Saturday October 29Th from 7pm-10pm.  Family and friends came for a scary night of fun.   First we spooked everyone in the haunted house and then we danced the night  away.   We had a farmers scarecrow, a well, with a crazy looking girl, a very gruesome meal, a bloody shower scene and some creepy looking eyes glaring at you, creepy crawly guys  and girls and a  little exorcism going on.  A whole bunch of scary stuff!

We had drinks,  costume contest, music, candy, dance contests, some glow sticks and lots of scarry fun!!   If you missed it, you will have to wait until next year for our next party.  Lot’s and lots of work but tons of fun.

  If you have any questions about the haunted house or are interested in karate lessons, please check out our school and give us a call at 715-355-4222.

Wausau Jui Jitsu/Martial Arts Instruction

Our Wausau Jui Jitsu program has been around for 20 years but yet, some people have not figured out where we are located.  We have two convenient locations.  One at the YMCA in Wausau, Wisconsin, the other at 920 Grand Ave. Schofield, accross the steet from Arbys, behind Coldwell Banker Realty. Both locations teach mixed martial arts instruction of grappling and striking arts.

Our Wausau Jui Jitsu blend has a mix of everything.  Some from Pankration, Japanese  and Brazilian Jui Jitsu styles.  My training in the grappling arts started off with wrestling in high school and then Judo in 1982, at the YMCA in Stevens Point, WI. This went through my college days learning.  Later I found Royce Gracie and trained with him in the early 1990’s at various seminars and my path has really branched from there.

I started a different style which incorporated a different concept from strictly grappling. This style, called Pankration, has rules similar to what you would find in the Ultimate Fighting Championships but the rules do not allow striking to the head much. Most other rules apply to both methods. You will find training in Pankration methods will really enhance your cardio, build the foundation for a better ground game and give you some practical defenses, for tough situations.

The main advantage training with Pankration is the combination of striking and punching. In most grappling arts you are not striking and from lack of practice leave yourself unprepared for strikers. You only do, what you are trained to do. How can you expect to be prepared if you don’t practice what needs to be done? For example, when a hunter is planning to go out on opening day, what do most hunters do to prepare? They sight in their gun to be sure they know the gun is shooting right. Who wants to shoot around your deer? In fighting, who wants to leave holes in your offense or defense? That is why you need to learn striking and grappling combined.

Keep on training but always get rid of the holes in your fighting game by working on Judo, Jui Jitsu or wrestling to enhance your ground game. Also, train your stand up to work on striking combinations or you will be fair game when you actually get into a fight.

Verbal Judo Wausau/Self Defense

Call 715-355-4222 to learn Verbal Judo.

Is Verbal Judo the best self defense method to deal with attackers?

Many parents feel that they would rather have their children handle situations by talking and reasoning instead of fighting their way out of problems.



Over 700,000 law enforcement officers have gone through the verbal Judo course to teach them skills to block aggressive behaviors, deflect them and make the flow of communication happen again in situations where it would have gotten out of control without these techniques

Our school began the verbal Judo course a few months ago at our Wausau and Schofield Premier Martial Arts locations. We really started practicing how to deal with bullies and teach non violent resolutions to problem’s children were experiencing at schools. There were many variations which came up in classes. We worked through a bunch of them and really had the kids getting comfortable, with what to say when they were bullied. Now instead of kids just winging it, “verbally”, they have an arsonal of stratigies to back up their physical training.

This way they can resolve aggresive situations with words rather than with violence and know who to talk to in case they have bullly problems. For more information on the Verbal Judo program, contact Premier Martial Arts in Wausau or Schofield by calling 715-355-4222.   To get hands on experience with these techniques go to  and learnVerbal Judo,  in the comfort of your own home.

Wausau Karate Birthday Parties

Let your child experience the martial arts with a Karate birthday party at Premier Martial Arts. You do not have to be a member of our program to have a party. All you need is the desire to be a Martial Artist for the day. Each child will learn about self control, discipline, “cool” karate kicks, how to deal with strangers and participate in a real karate class with their friends.

After pizza, cake and opening of presents, we will play some dodge-ball games to have a blast.

The birthday child gets to cut the cake with a real sword (With instructors help)

Our parties include:
Soda or Juice
Plastic utinsils

Minimum of five children, only $8.00 per child, cake is not included. Maximum of 40 per party. Party length is two hours. Usual day for party is on Saturdays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

If you would like more information please call, 715-355-4222.

Karate Kid Wausau

When I heard somone was remaking the “Karate Kid” movie, I was concerned it would not be as good as the first.  But, when I heard that Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith were starring in it, I thought it sounded like it just might work.   

The Karate Kid, released in the 1980’s, stirred excitement in the martial arts industry that has never been surpassed.  The directors created a twist in the plot from the origional to have Jaden Smith learn Kung Fu, instead of karate as in the first movie. They saught training with Mike chat, (one of the Blue Power Rangers) with his XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts) training system, to bring Jaden up to speed fast in his martial arts training and then learn Kung Fu instead of Karate, to create a twist from the origional plot with a Kung Fu environment.  Whether you are a martial artist or not, you can already feel the conflicts building.  When boy starts hitting it off with bad boy’s girlfriend, trouble’s brewing.  

A bullied boy learns to stand up for himself with the help of a mentor.  Dre (Smith) is saved from a beating from a group of Kung Fu, hot headed  bullies by Mr. Han (Chan).  Han teaches Dre, the art of Wushu Kung Fu.

Then it will be a retelling of the story but it will be new to the younger generation that has not seen the old movie.

The martial arts community is hoping for a similar wave of children to begin martial arts, as had happend when the first karate kid movie came out and changed the entire martial arts industry. Only time will tell. Check us out at the Marcus Cinema for the Karate Kid Wausau demonstration, Sunday, June 13th at 11:45am-12:15pm. See you there!

Wausau Taekwondo

Are you are wondering if Martial Arts training is a good choice for your child?  Many parents are concerned that their children will learn to be more aggressive than others if they enroll in Taekwondo classes.  This is a very big misconception. 

What exactly is Taekwondo? The Korean art is known as the art of hand and foot fighting and a way of life. I was taught that half of your training was to develop physical skills and the other was to develop a strong moral values, especially discipline.

Children develop better listening skills, more self control/strategies to deal with difficult children, get more exercise and gain more confidence than other children with proper training in the martial arts.   Children are easily influenced by television with all the violent shows available to them as well as role models with poor character traits, it’s no wonder a parent would have concerns.

In our Wausau Taekwondo training, (call 715-355-4222 for more information) a student learns how to show self discipline by practicing certain behavior traits.  They lose belt ranking if they break any major rules, like hurting someone else, when their life is not in danger.  If you pick a fight you, start, or cause a fight, you are not demonstrating black belt excellence.  Therefore, you do not deserve to wear any rank higher than a white belt (beginner belt).  Just this one method of dealing with poor behavior prevents and teaches students consequences for poor behavior, and that it is not acceptable to behave that way.

Your child may have a more difficult time working on self control, but that does not mean they should not get involved.  That is how you fix your child. Don’t hide them hoping the problem will go away.  If they get in trouble in Taekwondo training, they may have to go on a time out, or do some extra pushups but they have to start learning today.  If you wait till they are teenagers and try to change their behaviors after years of problems, they will have developed patterns that will be difficult to break.

Wausau Martial Arts/ADHD

Preventing a problem, (using martial arts strategies), before they occur (with self defense preparation) is my motto.   If you knew what an attacker was going to do before you were attacked that would make an escape much easier.  With aggressors being unpredictable, you really have to practice techniques with the assumption that they will behave a certain way, and learn to read body language until it becomes second nature. 

I have trained thousands of students during my life and one thing I have learned is, you have to pick a training partner that may annoy you during training.  Now, don’t expect them to be a great partner.  They will be the best and worst partner you can learn from.  Difficult people teach you what you really need to know about aggressive behavior whether it’s verbal or physical.

People bugging you with name calling or pushing you around are always very common situations, especially at school.  But, how can you practice techniques, defending against bullies verbally or physically?   You have to take a class, or train at a  martial arts school that deals with these situations.  You also must pick what I would call the ultimate martial arts partner.   

We tend to pick training partners with people we feel comfortable hanging around.  However, there is no challenge in that scenario.   I suggest picking a person that has a challenging behavior issue, like someone with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to test yourself to to the fullest level.  If they don’t bother you by doing something totally unpredictable in the first few minutes you meet them or say something that gets on your nerves, I would be surprised. 

I recommend this strategy at my Wausau martial arts school.  This person would be your ultimate training partner.  A person that is highly unpredictable, usually aggressive, will do things without much thought and challenge your self control.  The perfect partner!   They will test your mental limits by doing sporadic unanticipated things.

ADHD people are also perfect partners because they exhibit uncomfortable behavior.  They may blurt out something verbally that offends you, talk out of turn and not even bat an eyelash doing it.  You will gain so much valuable knowledge from their lack of restraint and the abrupt moves done without provocation.  And more than likely, in a real life situation, the person that you find yourself having to stand up to one day won’t be a well behaved friend or neighbor, it’s going to be someone with a lower level of restraint. Your skill level will be enhanced due to your increased awareness or you will get totally overwhelmed by your partner.  Both are perfect consequences whether good or bad. 

You see your weaknesses if you were not prepared by abrupt attacks.  If you did not respond properly, your partner will usually tell you what you did wrong.  From my experience, they always seem to like to tell you when you were overwhelmed and your feelings are a little hurt but make sure you don’t take their help in a negative way.  They may have tackled you, mauled you, or whatever they tend to do.  That was your best lesson of the day.  Actual real life encounters by an aggressive unpredictable person, in a controlled setting. Law enforcement individuals don’t show up to a call, expecting every person to be cooperative. Yet with practice, handling tough situations becomes less intimidating.

Sure it is uncomfortable to be bothered, but where else will you have a safe, perfect training ground like in a martial arts school.  A black belt is there to ensure your safety when things get too tough and you can learn from actual experience. 

Need a partner, pick the tough ones, not the easiest so you can learn more and get the most of your training. 

Have you ever trained with an ADHD student?  Whether good or bad, tell me your story!

Karate Kid/Wausau

Call 355-4222, if you want to be the next “Karate Kid”?  Why not give it a try?    Children can learn martial arts starting at 3 1/2 years old and up in the Wausau and Schofield area at Premier Martial Arts.  Gain flexibility, self control, discipline, confidense, balance and so many other benefits.  All you have to do is call, to get involved in our childrens karate classes.   Try a free trial lesson call ( 355-4222).

Premier Martial Arts is performing a demonstration at Cedar Creek Cinema on Sunday, June 13th at  the Marcus Cedar Creek Cinema  at 11:45am to 12:15 in the lobby and a short secession in the theater at 12:20 pm before the movie begins.  Let’s see you become the next Wausau karate kid!

Make it happen!  Call today!      355-4222

Self Defense Wausau

What is the best self defense method to learn?  One that works for you.  Use the KISS principle.  Keep it simple stupid or simple sweet (if you don’t like to use the word stupid).

When practicing a self defense move, a technique should work almost every single time they are used.  Nothing works 100 percent but some self defense moves work  better than others.

What makes a move work consistently and another not?  Sometimes you have not practiced the technique well enough, or the move is not practical.

If you have a very large opponent on top of you and they have you by a hundred pounds, things could get a little tough for you.  I have heard people argue, that with their style,  you can defeat a larger opponent if you learn the moves correctly.  But, they will complain that a fighter they trained did not win because their opponent was 10 pounds heaver than they were.  I always wonder what happened to the comment  “it doesn’t matter how big they are “.    That changes when the reality comes into play.

How does a smaller opponent do a move, that will work consistently on a larger or smaller opponent?  Use a move that does not require strength and capitalize on your opponents weaknesses.

No matter what style you train in, your opponent still has to see and breathe.  Hit them in the eyes, throat or groin.  Poke in the eyes, strike them in the throat or groin.  Those always work in self defense situations.

So keep to the basics and do what works.  Easy techniques do not require much strength.  Even a child can poke you in the eyes.    It still hurts.

Self defense does not have to be difficult, it only needs to get done when needed.   Keep it simple sweet!

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