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Wausau Jui Jitsu/Martial Arts Instruction

Our Wausau Jui Jitsu program has been around for 20 years but yet, some people have not figured out where we are located.  We have two convenient locations.  One at the YMCA in Wausau, Wisconsin, the other at 920 Grand Ave. Schofield, accross the steet from Arbys, behind Coldwell Banker Realty. Both locations teach mixed martial arts instruction of grappling and striking arts.

Our Wausau Jui Jitsu blend has a mix of everything.  Some from Pankration, Japanese  and Brazilian Jui Jitsu styles.  My training in the grappling arts started off with wrestling in high school and then Judo in 1982, at the YMCA in Stevens Point, WI. This went through my college days learning.  Later I found Royce Gracie and trained with him in the early 1990’s at various seminars and my path has really branched from there.

I started a different style which incorporated a different concept from strictly grappling. This style, called Pankration, has rules similar to what you would find in the Ultimate Fighting Championships but the rules do not allow striking to the head much. Most other rules apply to both methods. You will find training in Pankration methods will really enhance your cardio, build the foundation for a better ground game and give you some practical defenses, for tough situations.

The main advantage training with Pankration is the combination of striking and punching. In most grappling arts you are not striking and from lack of practice leave yourself unprepared for strikers. You only do, what you are trained to do. How can you expect to be prepared if you don’t practice what needs to be done? For example, when a hunter is planning to go out on opening day, what do most hunters do to prepare? They sight in their gun to be sure they know the gun is shooting right. Who wants to shoot around your deer? In fighting, who wants to leave holes in your offense or defense? That is why you need to learn striking and grappling combined.

Keep on training but always get rid of the holes in your fighting game by working on Judo, Jui Jitsu or wrestling to enhance your ground game. Also, train your stand up to work on striking combinations or you will be fair game when you actually get into a fight.