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MMA Wausau

Starting in the MMA Wausau area is really exciting but you really need to have a good foundation to have success.  What exactly is a good Mixed Martial Arts foundation?

First, you should learn some basic kickboxing techniques and how to do them with precision.  Practicing  punches with lousy technique requires fixing in the future.   So, why practice a punch where you are swatting, punching with your wrist bent or without putting any weight behind the strike?  That is a good question because these problems will not give you the power,to do any real damage. 

Also, proper footwork and positioning of your body weight have a great impact on your strike.  If you punch an opponent and you are the only one that moves when you hit, you are either hitting a Sumo wrestler or you got a problem.  Stumbling off balance and leaning too much throws off your center of balance which makes your punches weak.  Let’s face it guys, in MMA, if you look weak, you probably are weak. 

That is why you need to practice your form when punching.  Just as a quarterback has to throw a spiral you need to strike in a straight direction when punching straight.   A straight punch actually takes time to learn.  You need to drill the technique, keeping your elbow in, blocking your jaw, rotating your wrist, looking  at your opponent and dropping your weight at the right time to have some basic skills to get it right.

Second, you really need a grappling background to round yourself.  Grappling is not the only answer because many Ju Jitsu guys do not know how to deal with strikers.  But, you should know what to do when you hit the ground.  I have seen many a Jui Jitsu guy not have a clue how to avoid punches.  They only want to learn the ground game and can pay price when someone will not let you go to the ground. 

In our Wausau MMA school, one of my black belts once said “how do you have the patience to teach everyone the same thing over and over again?  It would drive me crazy”.  I told him, you can learn something  from every student from the way they respond to a move, how they do the move and use those differences to make your skills and others better.  Just keep on practicing!