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Self Defense Wausau

What is the best self defense method to learn?  One that works for you.  Use the KISS principle.  Keep it simple stupid or simple sweet (if you don’t like to use the word stupid).

When practicing a self defense move, a technique should work almost every single time they are used.  Nothing works 100 percent but some self defense moves work  better than others.

What makes a move work consistently and another not?  Sometimes you have not practiced the technique well enough, or the move is not practical.

If you have a very large opponent on top of you and they have you by a hundred pounds, things could get a little tough for you.  I have heard people argue, that with their style,  you can defeat a larger opponent if you learn the moves correctly.  But, they will complain that a fighter they trained did not win because their opponent was 10 pounds heaver than they were.  I always wonder what happened to the comment  “it doesn’t matter how big they are “.    That changes when the reality comes into play.

How does a smaller opponent do a move, that will work consistently on a larger or smaller opponent?  Use a move that does not require strength and capitalize on your opponents weaknesses.

No matter what style you train in, your opponent still has to see and breathe.  Hit them in the eyes, throat or groin.  Poke in the eyes, strike them in the throat or groin.  Those always work in self defense situations.

So keep to the basics and do what works.  Easy techniques do not require much strength.  Even a child can poke you in the eyes.    It still hurts.

Self defense does not have to be difficult, it only needs to get done when needed.   Keep it simple sweet!