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Karate Kid Wausau

When I heard somone was remaking the “Karate Kid” movie, I was concerned it would not be as good as the first.  But, when I heard that Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith were starring in it, I thought it sounded like it just might work.   

The Karate Kid, released in the 1980’s, stirred excitement in the martial arts industry that has never been surpassed.  The directors created a twist in the plot from the origional to have Jaden Smith learn Kung Fu, instead of karate as in the first movie. They saught training with Mike chat, (one of the Blue Power Rangers) with his XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts) training system, to bring Jaden up to speed fast in his martial arts training and then learn Kung Fu instead of Karate, to create a twist from the origional plot with a Kung Fu environment.  Whether you are a martial artist or not, you can already feel the conflicts building.  When boy starts hitting it off with bad boy’s girlfriend, trouble’s brewing.  

A bullied boy learns to stand up for himself with the help of a mentor.  Dre (Smith) is saved from a beating from a group of Kung Fu, hot headed  bullies by Mr. Han (Chan).  Han teaches Dre, the art of Wushu Kung Fu.

Then it will be a retelling of the story but it will be new to the younger generation that has not seen the old movie.

The martial arts community is hoping for a similar wave of children to begin martial arts, as had happend when the first karate kid movie came out and changed the entire martial arts industry. Only time will tell. Check us out at the Marcus Cinema for the Karate Kid Wausau demonstration, Sunday, June 13th at 11:45am-12:15pm. See you there!