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Martial Arts Wausau

Our Martial Arts Wausau location has really been busy teaching Jui Jitsu techniques in the past few months.   We have had the opportunity to have gymnastics equipment at our disposal which makes our learning much easier. 

We have been able to work on forward and backward rolls using incline mats.  Because of the matted floors, we have been able to practice mount escapes, leg sweeps and a few more take downs than we can usually do on hardwood floors.  We have also been able to work on our Hapkido, wrist locking techniques which really help in self defense situations.

At our YMCA martial arts Wausau location, everyone has the opportunity to train in three main martial arts.  When you cross train in various styles, you learn to develop an awareness of standing and ground defense.  Without that background you could leave yourself vulnerable to many attacks because you may not know what to do in certain situations. 

For example, if someone tackles you to the ground and lays on you, would you know what to do?  If you think you can just punch him off, you may be sadly mistaken.  Some students that really paid attention, got rid of their attackers doing our “spider man drills”.    These drills are made specifically for combative situations where someone is on the ground and you have to either get out or hold the top position. 

These drills are really a blast to play with and make for some serious training.