Martial Arts Wausau

One thing we have really accomplished in our martial arts Wausau location is making classes more enjoyable.  They may be tough at times but we try to create new drills which accomplish new goals all the time.

Sometimes, for example, we work on balance.  We could stand in one place like some schools may do for an extended period of time which would bore you to tears.  However, instead we went through an old drill, where you hop on one leg, hold onto your other leg in front of you and try to bump your opponents over.  Besides being really a fun exercise, it is exhausting because it works all your core muscles till they burn, while having a fun time doing it. 

So you end up strengthening your muscles and have a blast doing it.  That creates a debate from some school owners.  Some don’t like to have fun.   They find, it seems less disciplined when you are having fun.  I feel, if you can have a workout, learn new things and have a good time doing it, you will be more likely to train and not give up.

I have trained the disciplined way, where if you smiled in class, you were stared down and frowned upon for being too happy.  Sounds kind of weird.  What’s wrong with smiling?  Standing still for ten minutes at a time in one stance.  We switched legs and did ten more minutes.  Then we did front snap kicks for ten minutes.  Switched legs and did the other leg for ten minutes.  That was allright in 70’s and 80’s.  But, now that does not go over quite as well.  People get bored easier and you need to be a little more creative than that.   

Our martial arts Wausau games keep you moving, working on coordination, timing and focus.

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