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Wausau Haunted House/ Karate Halloween Party

Premier Mixed Martial Arts LLC will be holding our annual haunted Karate Halloween party at 920 Grand Ave. Schofield, on Saturday October 27th, 7:00-10:00 pm.  Bring your friends and yourself for a night of scarey fun.

We will include refreshments, light sticks for prizes, candy, haunted house, contests and a whole lot more!

Plan to be scared if you enter the haunted house but you don’t have to go in if you don’t want too!

All we ask, is you bring a dish to pass and wear a costume so we will not know who you are.  See you there!

Bob took a shot of the haunted house.  Take a look see what happened.  Click on the link below to see some of the fun.

Martial Arts Wausau

Martial Arts Wausau

Our Martial Arts Wausau location has really been busy teaching Jui Jitsu techniques in the past few months.   We have had the opportunity to have gymnastics equipment at our disposal which makes our learning much easier. 

We have been able to work on forward and backward rolls using incline mats.  Because of the matted floors, we have been able to practice mount escapes, leg sweeps and a few more take downs than we can usually do on hardwood floors.  We have also been able to work on our Hapkido, wrist locking techniques which really help in self defense situations.

At our YMCA martial arts Wausau location, everyone has the opportunity to train in three main martial arts.  When you cross train in various styles, you learn to develop an awareness of standing and ground defense.  Without that background you could leave yourself vulnerable to many attacks because you may not know what to do in certain situations. 

For example, if someone tackles you to the ground and lays on you, would you know what to do?  If you think you can just punch him off, you may be sadly mistaken.  Some students that really paid attention, got rid of their attackers doing our “spider man drills”.    These drills are made specifically for combative situations where someone is on the ground and you have to either get out or hold the top position. 

These drills are really a blast to play with and make for some serious training.

Martial Arts Wausau

One thing we have really accomplished in our martial arts Wausau location is making classes more enjoyable.  They may be tough at times but we try to create new drills which accomplish new goals all the time.

Sometimes, for example, we work on balance.  We could stand in one place like some schools may do for an extended period of time which would bore you to tears.  However, instead we went through an old drill, where you hop on one leg, hold onto your other leg in front of you and try to bump your opponents over.  Besides being really a fun exercise, it is exhausting because it works all your core muscles till they burn, while having a fun time doing it. 

So you end up strengthening your muscles and have a blast doing it.  That creates a debate from some school owners.  Some don’t like to have fun.   They find, it seems less disciplined when you are having fun.  I feel, if you can have a workout, learn new things and have a good time doing it, you will be more likely to train and not give up.

I have trained the disciplined way, where if you smiled in class, you were stared down and frowned upon for being too happy.  Sounds kind of weird.  What’s wrong with smiling?  Standing still for ten minutes at a time in one stance.  We switched legs and did ten more minutes.  Then we did front snap kicks for ten minutes.  Switched legs and did the other leg for ten minutes.  That was allright in 70’s and 80’s.  But, now that does not go over quite as well.  People get bored easier and you need to be a little more creative than that.   

Our martial arts Wausau games keep you moving, working on coordination, timing and focus.

Karate Wausau/Halloween Party

We are currently getting ready to celebrate our 20th annual Wausau area Halloween party in our Schofield Premier Martial Arts school.  We have students attending from all of our satelite school programs like the Wausau YMCA, Little Scholars preschool, DCE community education Kickboxing program, Antigo Premier Martial Arts  and students from the Schofield Premier Martial Arts  location.

We have worked on building the Haunted house for the past 3 weeks and now it’s time to start our ghoulish  party.  We have some pretty creepy people ready to spook you and some creative props to freak you out, made by all of our helpers.  The party is free to anyone that wants to have a good time and behaves well.  We do ask that you bring a dish to pass, so everyone has something to eat during the event.   

We tone it down for the younger kids and try to pick it up for the older kids/adults.  The party starts 7:00 on Saturday October 29th, 2011 and goes till 10:00 pm.  We will have soda, light sticks, contests and candy for participants. 

You must dress up in a costume!  Even parents!  That way we will never know who you are unless you tell us!! 

The party is located at Premier Martial Arts, 920 Grand Ave. Schofield, WI 715-355-4222.  Across the street from Arby’s in Schofield, behind Coldwell Banker Realty. 

See you there.

Wausau Karate Testing

Premier Martial Arts students tested on August 27th, 2011 at Mission Lake in the Hatley area.  Students from all our locations tested outdoors, on a virtually perfect day.  Our Wausau,( YMCA) , Antigo and Schofield locations all had people participating in this event.

Our Karate testing is held annually at Mission lake, just because it is an awesome location for picnicking, swimming and doing what we do best, Martial Arts!  Even the Monkey man, Kyle Bartz, tested for his first degree black belt.  Congratulations Kyle!  We will post photos as soon as we get some to work with.

Kung Fu Panda Wausau/Cedar Creek Cinema

Premier Martial Arts will be holding a martial arts demonstration, at the Cedar Creek Cinema, on Saturday, May 28th at 1:30 in the main lobby.  Come watch all the cool moves performed by our demonstration team prior to the Kung Fu Panda movie.

We will be demonstrating a variety of martial arts styles performed by our school.  Some from Taekwondo, Hopkido, Ju Jitsu, Kobudo, Inayan Esckrima as well as other arts. We will show you some Taekwondo  kicking combinations, while you are standing in line.   Also, we will be giving away a gift certificate for $100.00 of free lessons at Premier Martial Arts LLC just before the show starts.

So come watch the action on Saturday, Memorial weekend!

Also don’t forget that children and adults can start to  learn martial arts.  In fact, we start children at 3 1/2 years old.  You are really never too old to begin, so check us out at Cedar Creek  on Saturday.  4th degree black belt, Adam Salazar will be running the demonstration team.  See you there!

Antigo Karate/Martial Arts

Call 715-803-5274  to begin Karate  in Antigo.  Sign up today for our intro to Karate:  3 lessons which includes a uniform, for only $30.00.

Build coordination, timing, speed, confidence, self control, self discipline and self esteem through our structured Antigo Martial Arts programs.  The instructor Adam Salazar has 14 years experience, training in over ten different martial arts, including Tae Kwon-do, Inayan Eskrima, Jiu Jitsu, Sim Mu Do, just to name a few in our mixed martial arts training program, “MMA”.

At Premier Martial Arts, we are interested not only in self defense skills, but also in the complete personal development of each student.  Individual attention is a feature of each and every class, allowing Premier Martial Arts MMA students to progress quickly and easily toward their personal goals.  Our instructors take seriously their responsibility as role models for younger students, teaching them the importance of strong character leadership and good values.

Although our technques are based on centuries old knowledge, our application of that knowledge sets Premier martial Arts apart from the other schools.  We realize each student possesses different physical abilities.  Size and strength varies with each individual, so once you have acquired a strong foundation in the basics, our program will enhance your personal physical capabilities and maximize your self defense skills. You will understand exactly what it takes mentally and physically, to defend yourself or your loved ones using our mixed martial arts program.
Currently we are teaching in Three locations:

Premier Martial Arts Antigo (at the Antigo Athletic Club)

Premier Martial Arts LLC Schofield, 920 Grand Ave. Schofield

At the Woodson YMCA Wausau.

Come join us on our quest to be our best!

MMA Wausau

Starting in the MMA Wausau area is really exciting but you really need to have a good foundation to have success.  What exactly is a good Mixed Martial Arts foundation?

First, you should learn some basic kickboxing techniques and how to do them with precision.  Practicing  punches with lousy technique requires fixing in the future.   So, why practice a punch where you are swatting, punching with your wrist bent or without putting any weight behind the strike?  That is a good question because these problems will not give you the power,to do any real damage. 

Also, proper footwork and positioning of your body weight have a great impact on your strike.  If you punch an opponent and you are the only one that moves when you hit, you are either hitting a Sumo wrestler or you got a problem.  Stumbling off balance and leaning too much throws off your center of balance which makes your punches weak.  Let’s face it guys, in MMA, if you look weak, you probably are weak. 

That is why you need to practice your form when punching.  Just as a quarterback has to throw a spiral you need to strike in a straight direction when punching straight.   A straight punch actually takes time to learn.  You need to drill the technique, keeping your elbow in, blocking your jaw, rotating your wrist, looking  at your opponent and dropping your weight at the right time to have some basic skills to get it right.

Second, you really need a grappling background to round yourself.  Grappling is not the only answer because many Ju Jitsu guys do not know how to deal with strikers.  But, you should know what to do when you hit the ground.  I have seen many a Jui Jitsu guy not have a clue how to avoid punches.  They only want to learn the ground game and can pay price when someone will not let you go to the ground. 

In our Wausau MMA school, one of my black belts once said “how do you have the patience to teach everyone the same thing over and over again?  It would drive me crazy”.  I told him, you can learn something  from every student from the way they respond to a move, how they do the move and use those differences to make your skills and others better.  Just keep on practicing!

Karate Wausau

People often ask, what is the difference between Karate and Taekwondo?  First off, Karate is usually considered a Japanese art and Taekwondo is a Korean style art. 

Karate has really taken off in the last few months due to the remake of the movie, the Karate Kid.  Whether it is a Korean, Japanese  or Chinese art, most people do not seem to care, primarily because they do not know the differences yet.

Every Japanese art I ever trained in was very rigid and disciplined.  Most instructors did not want to cater to children because kids usually can not handle the ridgidness of classes.  Now days many instructors have become a little more open too being nicer and attracting children.   That is because they had to or they would be like the “Maytag repair man”,  with no one training in class but themselves!

 Taekwondo has become one of the most popular arts in the country primarily due to  really cool kicks which are appealing to kids and adults.  The classes are disciplined and instructors are more understanding of children’s needs in training.  By that I mean they have developed skill drills which build coordination, timing, speed, focus and keep kids having fun while staying on task.  

I have heard some comments from people that the movie, the Karate Kid should  have been named differently because they did Kung Fu, instead of Karate.  Did it really matter?  To some people it does.   But I say, don’t get too hung up on the small stuff, just enjoy the movie and the ideas behind the movie. 

Some people train for many years in the martial arts.  You could say to them, you aren’t doing this or that art.  You can’t do them all!   I feel like I tried that, but you have to keep your knowledge attainable or you are chasing after too much.  For an instructor, you have too look at what is most important for students to learn and focus on those areas.  I have always felt that self defense is extremely important, sparring helps tune in those skills, forms help work on balance, breathing, focus, timing, grappling helps with the ground defense and other techniques just too name a few keep everyone striving for excellence. 

 Mr Heil and myself sat on the testing board at Mission Lake where some students advanced to higher black belt levels such as Mr. Schuster/3rd degree, Mr. Zinkowich/2nd degree, and Miss. Rogan/1st degree.  These individuals put a ton of effort into their training and they are helping in classes all the time to help you learn your techniques more effectively. 

In our Wausau Karate school, one of our instructors’, Mr. Adam Salazar has been teaching Karate, Korean Karate, Kung Fu forms and extreme martial arts to our students.   He has been with me for about 14 years.  He can see a form, practice it for a few minutes and do it like he had been training with it for years.  He and other students showed off their techniques in our demonstrations and tournnaments throughout the Midwest area for years.   Adam wants to spread some of his experiences and training to students who want to push themselves a little harder than the average person.  He may be opening a branch school in Antigo, early 2011 if everthing works out. 

If you want to challenge yourself, now is the time to get it done!  We are setting up our tournament competition team/demonstration team to prepare for upcomming events. So talk to Mr. Salazar or Mr. Malone to get involved. 

Friday evening classes, during the speciality class are the best times to work on your tricks, flips and creative techniques.

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